We realize that other entities in different locations around the world could use the tools we implemented to improve economic growth in their areas. If we can help you make an impact with youth, please reach out to us immediately.

The co-founders are available to serve as speakers, moderators, panelists, etc. to give their perspective on engaging the troubled youth of today and ensuring equity for everyone.

Co-Founder and CEO

Hugh J. Harmon, M.Th., M.A.T, M.Lit.Ed.

Hugh J. Harmon, who was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, began his life surrounded by beaches, botanical gardens, and 17th-century plantation houses like St. Nicholas Abbey. Initially raised by his strict grandmother, Harmon flourished under his West Indies culture – and still implements many of the practices he first learned in his native island country today.

After graduating from high school, Harmon was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania and there continued to shine as a student and track star. In the summer of 1997, he was awarded his dual degree of a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Bioengineering with a Fine Arts minor.  After his acceptance into the prestigious Meharry Medical College, Harmon received a request from Dr. Frank Mickens – his former high school principal – requesting he return to his alma mater to teach Science for two years. That decision proved to be a pivotal one: it is where he formed a twenty-three year relationship with education. It is also the moment he began to positively impact the lives of young adults and establish a history of breeding and inspiring leaders.
Harmon is the author of twenty books and looks forward to changing the world by inspiring the world's next visionaries. 

Co-Founder and COO

Fran Boyd, MBA

Fran Boyd, was born and raised in the United States but boasts a rich history in education. Raised by educators, her mother was named the first female President of the only technical college with residential housing in South Carolina in 1993; and her achievements encouraged the Area Commissioners (Board of Trustees) to urge her to return in 2011 after she retired in 2007. Like her partner, Boyd was raised in a strict environment; and she still implements the practices and lessons she learned from her very accomplished mother.

After graduating from a private high school, she soon realized her talent for public speaking and engaging audiences. She enrolled at the University of South Carolina, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Theater and Speech. After a brief career at WIS-TV NBC NEWS CHANNEL 10, the #1 news station in the Midlands, Boyd was recruited to transition into an administrative role in the nation's capital. While at the National Association for Equal Opportunity (NAFEO), Boyd sat on a team that drafted and was awarded a $7.5 million dollar grant to open the The NAFEO/Ames Research Academy. This effort was a world-class, shared-use research and education facility located at Moffett Field, California (Silicon Valley). This was her moment when she began to positively impact the lives of young adults and establish a history of breeding and inspiring visionaries.

A recent graduate of the highly competitive Leadership Columbia  Class of 2022, she brings a wealth of experience in mentoring, education (special and general), fundraising and marketing, and is also looking forward to teaming up with her colleague to change the world by inspiring the world's next leaders.